How Brave Design Can Help Your Signs Get On The Move!

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Whenever you think of signs, no matter what sign you think of, they will probably all have one thing in common: They are stationary. They stay where they are, attached to a pole, or a piece of railing, or some other structure that can’t move easily. However, there are also plenty of signs that move and those signs can have some advantages, especially for a business like yours.


If you want to turn your company’s cars and trucks into moving and highly visible advertisements for your company, then here’s what you need to know about the process. Also, you’ll find out why you should work with Brave Design to get the car wrapping that you need!



What Is Vehicle Wrapping?


Often, whenever you see a van, truck, or car with an advertisement all around it, you are looking at a vehicle wrap. Similar to wrapping a gift, these wraps are actually high pressure sheets of material, such as a film of vinyl, to the vehicle. These sheets of vinyl are created with all the artwork and information the business wants to share, and are attached to the car like a second skin.


Additionally, most of the vinyl wrapping actually protects the exterior of the car from damage, and many people don’t know that the car itself has been wrapped. However, because vinyl wrapping is such a delicate process, you need to work with the right company in order to make sure that your vehicle is wrapped correctly, and that company is the signage auckland company of Brave Design!



How We Can Help You Wrap Your Vehicle


Our experienced team knows how to wrap everything from motorbikes all the way to the largest vehicles, and the wraps we create will continue to work for you year after year, providing constant, mobile, and highly visible marketing to your clients.


Additionally, if you lease a car or other vehicle, you need to know that vehicle wrapping is not a permanent process. Just as easily as our experienced team can apply a wrap to your vehicle, we can also take it off and return your vehicle to looking just like new.


Our team of designers uses only the best materials and technologies in our vehicle wrapping process, and we can use your current logo or brand as a template for the design. We can also work with you to design an entirely new sign for your vehicle wrapping needs, so don’t be afraid to reach out to us.


Take advantage of being stuck in traffic and being out on the road, because that means more people are going to see your perfectly wrapped vehicle and then call on your service for their needs!