How to fix the AOL mail authentication failed issue?

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For fixing the AOL mail login authentication failed issue, you should refresh your web browser or switch to another one. If that fails, try these solutions.

There are several among us who are using AOL mail for sending day-to-day emails, whether it is sending a professional email or an informal email. But there is nothing more frustrating than a situation when you can’t log in to your account and you continuously face AOL mail login issues. There is one such error message that many users have reported facing i.e. AOL mail authentication failed. This usually happens when you try to log in with incorrect login credentials or AOL is unable to recognize your identity.

So, if you are also seeking instructions to fix the authentication as soon as possible, then we are here to help you in getting you out of this harrowing situation. Let’s head to the resolution processes one by one.

Fixing AOL mail authentication failed issue

Sol 1- Use a different browser

If you can, try using a different browser for logging in to your account. As the primary step, make sure that you are visiting the correct AOL mail login site and feeding your login credentials in the correct manner.

Sol 2- change these settings on your PC

  • First of all, disable the firewall for some time

  • After that, you should disable the proxy servers on your device
  • Additionally, you should also disable the VPN/Antivirus

Sol 3- Restart your Router

At times, there could be a login problem due to network connectivity issues. So, in that scenario, you should restart the router you are using for the internet service on your PC. Along with that, you may also restart your PC as well.

Sol 4- Reset your browser settings

Refreshing or resetting the firewall settings of your device would help you to fix the AOL mail login authentication issues on your device. For additional help, you can reinstall your browser if nothing else helped.

Sol 5- Reset your password

If you can’t log in to your account using the correct login credentials, then you should immediately reset your password. For this, you should go to the login page and take the necessary steps for setting a new password.


While carrying out the AOL mail login process, if you ever come across an authentication failed issue, then you should try the solutions that I have listed above. Hopefully, one of these solutions will help you in eliminating this issue without having to put extra effort.