Shocking! Emiliano Martinez Surprised He Didn't Win FIFA Goalkeeper of the Year

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Shocking! Emiliano Martinez Surprised He Didn't Win FIFA Goalkeeper of the Year


The annual FIFA awards ceremony will take place this Monday in Paris, France. Hundreds of the world's most famous footballers are gathering here for the big ceremony.

Undoubtedly Lionel Messi, the winner of this year's World Player of the Year award. Unfortunately, Mbappe and Benzema could not get to take part in this trophy.

Emiliano Martinez has certainly been in the spotlight for months for his outstanding performances at the 2022 World Cup, but unfortunately he will not be receiving a medal for the best goalkeeper.


Emiliano Martinez is a very good football goalkeeper who currently plays for English Premier League side Manchester United and the Argentine national football team.


Earlier in his career, Martinez played a relatively minor role for Arsenal, but after moving to Aston Villa he excelled and became the absolute main goalkeeper for the team. His reaction time, aerial occupation and saving skills were all excellent, making him a very reliable keeper.


In addition, Martinez has also performed well for the Argentine national team and is one of the team's main goalkeepers. He is well recognised in football circles for his performances and abilities and has been praised by many fans and pundits and received the award for the best goalkeeper at the 2022 World Cup.


In summary, I think Emiliano Martinez is an excellent football goalkeeper, with excellent performances and ability, and is a stable pillar of the team's back four.


Hopefully Emiliano Martinez will get the FIFA award for the best goalkeeper in the future.