Usefulness of Travel Influencers in the Hospitality industry

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Social media-aware tourists are permanently changing the travel and hospitality sectors. The number of new bookings that social media influencers can generate for travel brands can exceed five digits. Since customers today place a higher value on peer recommendations than any other type of marketing, influencers have become an essential component of many firms' marketing efforts.


Using collaborations with travel influencers may expand the audience for hospitality and travel firms, increase engagement, and increase reservations while exposing the brand in an organic and real way.



Establish brand credibility


Celebrities or well-known figures aren't necessarily the top travel influencers. Many of the top travel influencers are just regular people with a sizable social media audience as a result of their engaging content. These influencers have established themselves as authorities in the travel industry and are respected by their peers and followers, and ModernSpeak Influencer Agency can connect you to them.


Because of the authenticity and reliability of their content, influencers have a significant impact on tourists. They offer social proof for brands and destinations alike and support the legitimacy of a place or brand in the eyes of potential visitors.



Promote Bookings


Millennials spend between $200 and $300 billion on travel each year, with this figure expected to rise. Instead of only buying goods while traveling, the millennial traveler places more importance on having experiences. As a result, the hotel sector is developing fresh strategies for marketing to Millennials and providing them with the travel experiences they desire.

75% of Millennials were impacted by social media when choosing their travel destinations, which is a significantly larger percentage than for recommendations from friends, travel websites, or news websites.


Travel influencers on Instagram have built large followings and transformed the act of traveling into a business. Successful, reputable influencer partnerships help brands engage current customers and win over new customers.



Brand Ambassadors


Influencer collaboration is advantageous to both the brand and the influencer. Influencer-shared content will promote a brand's products and increase consumer awareness. It's either special access, expenditures covered, or sponsorship for posting for the influencer.


Making influencers brand ambassadors is a well-liked strategy for utilizing their power. Influencers serve as the brand's spokesman and an extension of the team as brand ambassadors. Consider offering a free trip in exchange for a social media post from influencers about your location. These trips are a great way to expand your brand's reach and increase reservations.



Develop Reliable Reviewers


One of the main ways that customers choose where to visit is through recommendations and reviews. Reviewing using influencers Employing influencers to review products and services helps turn potential buyers into brand loyalists. Influencers can be a valuable source of feedback and inspiration. Influencer endorsements can be a great method to reach a wider audience, increase brand recognition, and foster brand loyalty, but they must be genuine.

Choose influencers from among your current fan base and following, with a focus on micro-influencers.