career mode feature in FIFA 23

Lates info about career mode of FIFA 23

A new video revealing FIFA 23 Career Mode has been released, bringing with it some new details.With this year's game, career mode has seen significant improvements, with manager and player career tracks finally getting the attention they deserve. A number of new features are coming to Career Mode this year, with player career receiving particular attention. 

Using Playable Highlights, you define the outcome of key moments in matches, handling close calls that affect the scoresheet while allowing the match engine to simulate the rest.

Managers can decide whether to play all the highlights or only the attacking ones by letting the simulation choose the defensive outcomes.if you want have a powerful team in FIFA 23 and want to use these perfect feature of FIFA 23 go to the MrGeek website and buy fifa 23 coins and hire stars for your team you will be a winner of FIFA 23.